October 5th 2010

By George I’ve GOT IT!

After dancing around my obsession with derby I have finally pinpointed EXACTLY WHAT it is.

Along with thousands of others, I’ve been astounded by the derby explosion in the world. Along with hundreds (if not thousands) of others, I’ve had the notion that maybe I could actually carve out a job for myself doing something I love, seeing that I need a job and have a beautiful child to support.

What is viewed as an acceptable “by the skater for the skater” is a whole other topic created by people who have skate shops. Whatever! I support anyone doing whatever they want. I support my local skate shop, but don’t exactly understand why anyone would think that attempting to start an enterprise via a website would be any less worthy than earning a living selling skates, but I digress…………I’ll get back to that one maybe. Actually I probably won’t; I’ve got more exciting things to think about.

So here is the THING that has fascinated me, amazes me and winds me up:

• Why Derby?
• Why So many women?
• Sports Psychology
• How we impact one another
• Women and sports
• Derby as identity
• Empowerment
• How women’s backgrounds can affect their views on competition
• Women judging each other instead of helping each other
• Women overcoming abuse
• Awareness of girls in sports as empowerment

There you have it! My personal journey has amazed me and derby has seriously played a part in helping me to overcome the “on my knees” challenges of navigating this crazy planet and some of the above issues. I’m not done yet; I’m still a skater and have no intention of quitting now.

Regardless of my  personal story and how anything turns out in my life, this is issue is big, and what we need to do is help one another SEE how we impact and either empower or oppress our teammates.

We need to WORK TOGETHER to bring awareness to the table; that is really at the core of what it is for me.

Think of the girls who can have their lives changed by the mere strength of this sport. Not everyone needs this, or me by any means, but I need derby.  Women who are trying to escape from worlds that aren’t very friendly to them need support, and people don’t usually know what is truly going on for someone else.

This awareness can be the strength that people get from being on a team, from sisterhood; the very nature of roller derby is powerful and women taking on the world are incredible.

Hell Yeah.


About thehotflashseattle

I'm a person who found derby at JUST the right time in my life to give me hope, make me stronger and experience something that had been waiting for me all these years! My mightiest goal is to mainstream the sport of roller derby. My selfish goal is to help other people find ways to skate,connect and inspire each other to get back on track when they begin to slip off and help them up when they fall. Doing this helps me believe that there are others ready to do the same for me. In 2012 I had four surgeries, two of which were mastectomies and now at 57 I'm cancer free and back on track. Three years ago on this profile I claimed not to be a "great" coach but wanted to share what I knew. I am revising that statement at this time because I have figured out that I'm a survivor, a warrior and a damn good coach! I am the founder of OneWorld Roller Derby in the Greater Seattle area. We are sharing our resources to help other leagues form and we're creating a circuit that is coming together utilizing USA Roller Sports as a common link. We are bring roller derby to schools, colleges, parks departments and community centers across the US. Helping each other through the pack is what makes life work for me. In the world we get knocked down, get back up, reset and help each other through the pack. We look ahead for the holes to jump through. We gain momentum to find the endurance we need to be able to make it around the track one more time even when we don't think we can. Derby = life = Derby; It's all the same game to me.
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